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VCPH Mission Statement

With Compassionate medical and surgical care, we stress the importance of preventive care, client education, and the human-animal bond in a well-managed value based veterinary clinic that strives every day to be our best for you and your pet.


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  • "Everyone at VCPH has taken excellent care of my lil’ man since he was a puppy. Caring staff, always helpful and patient.. even living 30+ miles away now, I won’t take him anywhere else!"
    Jen B.
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  • Leah Hathaway

    Dr. Hathaway received her B.S., M.S. and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degrees at the University of Florida. Although still a true Florida Gator at heart, Dr. Hathaway prefers being back home in Pinellas County. She has been a member of the VCPH family since 2014. When not spending time with her VCPH family, clients and patients, she enjoys participating in organized veterinary medicine as a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Florida Veterinary Medical Association and Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association. Her hobbies include enjoying many outdoor activities like biking, exploring local parks/trails and catching live music at her favorite local spots. Dr. Hathaway also really enjoys crafting, working on the never-ending house renovation projects and spending time with family and friends. She and her husband, Donnie, welcomed a baby girl in February 2020. The Hathaway trio enjoys sharing their home with their cats “Brie”, “Barron” and “Freddie” and may someday brave the addition of a dog or two!

  • Joseph Turk

    Dr. Turk is an “Army brat” who grew up in several countries and a dozen states. After high school he served in the Army himself, then graduated with a B.A. in Economics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. He was the director of a college textbook store but decided to quit his job and return to college to study biology after watching a team of doctors treat his very ill Border collie at the veterinary hospital at North Carolina State University. Six years later he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the same institution. When he’s not taking care of his patients, Dr. Turk enjoys sailing and boating in the Florida sun, live music, learning to be a foodie, and traveling. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Turk lives in Tarpon Springs with an interesting-looking dog.

  • Kelsey Bollenback

    Dr. Bollenback is a local girl who grew up in the Tarpon Springs area. She received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Central Florida and went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. Dr. Bollenback graduated UF with a certificate in Veterinary Business Management and is a Fear Free certified practitioner so she understands the value limiting your pet’s stress while at the vet. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Florida Veterinary Medical Association. In her spare time she enjoys everything outdoors including SCUBA diving, fishing, and riding her horse, “Lance”. She and her husband share their home with their daughter and four rescue pups, “Loki”, “Quincy”, “Mark”, and 'Delta'.

  • Kris
    Hospital Administrator

    Kris is a Certified Veterinary Technician with a special interest in surgery and intensive care. She has worked at the University of Illinois Teaching Hospital ICU and University of Wisconsin Veterinary Teaching Hospital Surgical Center. Besides being a CVT, her main duties include over-seeing hospital operations and keeping everything running smoothly. Kris and her family share their house with their Chocolate Labrador 'Sam' and three cats 'Alex' “Pumpkin” and 'Oliver”.

  • Traci
    Practice Manager

    Traci joined the Vet Clinic of Palm Harbor in October, 2005. A native to Florida, she is a lover of the outdoors, she enjoys boating and spending time with friends and family (2 and 4 legs). Her love for animals has brought her to the clinic. Traci's spare time is spent between Tarpon Springs and Chiefland. She currently shares her home with her special cat 'Twinkle'. Traci continues to learn and grow here at the Vet Clinic and is now one of our managers.

  • Vanessa .
    Veterinary Experience Manager / Technician

    Vanessa was born and raised in Belgium before continuing her education in the U.S. She speaks fluent French, English and some Dutch. She has an AA degree in Sciences and furthered her studies at USF in the pre-vet program. She has volunteered countless hours at Humane Societies. She has certifications in dentistry, pet nutrition and cold laser therapy. She has been a veterinary technician at VCPH since 2005 and is now our veterinary experience manager. She strives to bring happiness to our clinic’s pets, pet parents and to our team every day. She definitely has a soft spot for senior animals and focuses on their comfort. She has two children (Logan and Savanna) and currently five animal companions (Chloe- Chihuahua, Yin Yang- DSH, Hermione-DMH, Dandelion-albino rabbit, Kiwi-love bird). Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her two and four legged kids, her family and friends. She enjoys the beach, dancing, traveling and horseback riding.

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